Cup of coffee, coffee beans and spoon with coffee ground.

What is Specialty Coffee?

A specialty coffee is one that meets high standards throughout the entire lifecycle of coffee, which includes the growing, processing and serving of it.

During the coffee's lifecycle, qualified tasters evaluate its quality. Cupping is the process of tasting and evaluating coffee beans from a single origin (e.g. a country, region, or even a single farm). Samples must achieve a cupping score over 80 to be considered Specialty Coffee.

Achieving specialty coffee quality requires high standards from all parties involved in the coffee lifecycle. This includes:

- Farmers who know where to plant their coffee bushes, how to improve their soil, control pests, and pick coffee at the right time.

- Roasters who check beans for defects, understand roasting chemistry, and can produce the best flavor.

- Baristas prepare drinks using a variety of brewing equipment, maximizing the potential of roasted coffee.

- Coffee lovers who appreciate all the effort and skill put into the production of a tasty cup of coffee.

Specialty Coffee Association

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