5 Side Effects of Drinking Commercial Coffee

Do you ever get digestive issues from drinking bad coffee? Or maybe jitters and an afternoon energy crash?

64% of Americans drink coffee daily. But 91.7% of the daily drinkers are unaware their coffee is unhealthy.

Most beans are covered in mold, mycotoxins, and chemicals… Causing 5 glaring side effects you need to know about.

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Gives Digestive Issues

Turns out, 91.7% of commercial coffee contains molds and mycotoxins.


Drinking one cup of bad coffee leads to jitters. You'll notice this if you drink cheap blends or get morning coffee from a big chain.

Afternoon Energy Crash

Afternoon coffee crashes also happen because of unhealthy beans. The key is to drink healthy coffee that scans for 400+ toxins. This ensures your coffee keeps you energized, floods your body with antioxidants, and supports your health.


Most coffee brands don't talk about toxicity, which is why you need to hear about it today. 91.7% of coffee is riddled with mold and mycotoxins.
Mycotoxins are little toxins created by fungus on the coffee beans.

Poor Sleep

Caffeine is not to blame. Research links mold exposure to poor sleep. So it’s no wonder unhealthy coffee disturbs your restful nights. Mold exposure of any kind has been shown to disrupt REM and deep sleep.

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