Types of Grind

Types of grind, coffee beans and coffee ground.

The experience of grinding your own coffee is somehow mystical. The whole process is a way of self-care. Think about it! It is a moment that you take just for yourself, preparing something you really love and taking it to a new level.

Coffee is magic! And you are part of it.

When you start grinding you realize you’re actively transforming something. It's not just about buying a bag of coffee and putting it in the coffee maker. When you grind, you realize that you are passionate about something. And that something is not just coffee, it’s YOU!

Let's take a look at some pictures of the different grind sizes and brewing methods we recommend. Enjoy!

  • Extra Fine

    This is the finest grind setting and the one that most grinders struggle to grind this fine using this grind setting. The grind should resemble flour or the consistency of powdered sugar. This is the grind size that is used for Espresso and Turkish.

  • Fine

    This is slightly coarser than the extra fine setting but still relatively fine. It should be slightly finer than table salt. It is the grind setting for Moka Pot/Stovetop, V60, and Aeropress (with a quick brew time).

  • Medium

    This is what most pre-ground coffee, that is not specifically espresso, comes in. It should have a consistency similar to sand. It is the grind setting for drip machines or Aeropress (with a longer steeping time).

  • Medium Coarse

    At this size the particles are starting to look like specific little chunks of coffee bean. It should resemble rough sand. This is the grind setting for Kalita Wave and Chemex.

  • Coarse

    This is the coarsest size and is used for brewing methods with the longest contact time between the beans and water. It should resemble sea salt. This is the grind setting for French Press and Cold Brew.

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